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Hi! As an actor, I struggled to find the right audition pieces.

I started writing monologues for myself and then for friends. My monologues have been requested for auditions and competitions nationwide. The use of monologues posted on this website for an audition or educational purposes is granted without restriction. Use in public performances requires permission from the playwright. You may not publish or distribute this monologue without written acknowledgment from Dana Hall.
Posting on social media: If you intend to post your monologue on Youtube/Instagram etc., you must include my full name credited as the author and provide a link to my website in the description ( 

I hope you find something you may use or if you need something specific reach out and let me know! 
To peruse a script visit my NPX. 

Sound Mind
Snowglobe By Dana Hall
Scarecrow By Dana Hall
Plaque Kills By Dana Hall
Invisible By Dana Hall
Because I Said So By Dana Hall
Just Breathe
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