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I wanted to share with you some plays that are either just finished and in edit or are in the research phase. Click the Read Me button to access the script. 
Please Note:  
These works are not for production without  expressed written consent of Dana Hall LLC. 
If interested in licensing a play or if you are looking for Dana Hall to write you an audition monologue or play for your theatre group please reach out! 


Sorry I'm Late
By Dana Hall 
A Comedic Audition Monologue 
Kim is late for her audition...find out the reason why...


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Chasing Cinderella 
By Dana Hall 
A 40minute play (Stage or Virtual)
Sometimes in life you have to make your own happily ever after... 
LGBTQ, Body Image, Acceptance


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My Vagina Has A First Name
By Dana Hall 

When these 5 friends get together for “book club,”  life gives them a plot twist they won’t soon forget.  


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By Dana Hall 
A Monologue.
A mom is visited by a caseworker that wants her to consider residential placement for her son.



 אהבה | Ahavah
By Dana Hall & David Lipschutz 

After his Bubbie’s death, Saul returns home to his family after a long absence to sit Shiva. Alice, Saul’s girlfriend, joins him. Saul tries to portray the perfect version of what he thinks his family wants. However, a message from the beyond leads both Saul and Alice to some meaningful realizations.


Head Over Heels 
By Dana Hall 

Monica and Kevin are walking to the door after their date. They are joined by Monica’s Brain, though they can’t see her, she is the manifestation of Monica's inner world. Will Kevin win over Monica's heart and brain?


Coal For Christmas
By Dana Hall 

When Santa goes missing, the Reindeer go through extreme paranormal measures to try and find him.  Broadway World 
Produced for Shiny Unicorn Productions Paranormal Christmas Festival. 

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By Dana Hall 

What happens when the reindeer take the sleigh out without Santa? 

Produced by: Gi60 International Play Festival December 7th 2021


What Happened To Tinkerbell?
By Dana Hall 

Beth is a mother of a precocious four-year-old that always keeps her on her toes. Beth tells the story of her daughter’s bedtime question to a friend. We come to see she has definitive feelings about how things are supposed to be in relationships as she reveals more than just the truth about what happened to Tinkerbell. 

What Happened To Tinker Bell? Is being performed by Paradox Theatre Works Festival Oct.15th 2021

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Me, Myself, And Moscato
By Dana Hall 

Welcome to virtual dating- with a twist. Has Steph found her true love or just the bottom of her glass? This comedic look at the direction of matchmaking is laugh out loud funny.  Guaranteed to make you laugh, cringe, and keep you intrigued until the end. 



Don't Lose Your Head
By Dana Hall

A couple returns from the dead for one night but must be careful not to lose their heads. 
Dont Lose Your Head is being produced by Davidson Community Players 5th annual boos and brews LIVE (NC) 2021, and Flexible Gray Theatre (Dallas Tx Oct.2021)

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By Dana Hall 

A son tries to do what he thinks is best for his parents. However, he comes to learn sometimes in life you have to let go to truly understand what's underneath.

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Premonitions From My Pre-Covid Self
By Dana Hall

A version of myself stops in to see a psychic on their way home from a night out. Can you imagine being told everything you know would change overnight? 

Under contract with Emerson Arts to produce a piece for a anthology featuring creatives experiences' during the pandemic. 
Book Release Fall 2021 

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Foreign Bodies
By Dana Hall

A woman shares her experience with reproductive care and the standard of care that often leaves women feeling like their bodies are not their own.

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All Grown Up
By Dana Hall

This play was written for Green Buffalo Production's August 2021 Quarantine Quarters 48 hour play writing challenge. The prompts, props, and setting we provided and a heartfelt show was created around it. 

Synopsis: Steve invites his daughter Diana out for a dinner in the hopes of reconnecting. Has too much time passed for these two to connect?

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Under The Floorboards
By Dana Hall 

Synopsis:  Under the Floorboards is an adaptation of Egar Allen Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart that depicts the internal struggle to escape patriarchal constraints. The narrator seeks deliverance from the paternal surveillance, that has dominated and abused its privilege for far too long.
Production History:
The Rude Mechanicals in Washington State have added Under The Floorboards to a 3 show Halloween Production on Oct 29-31. 
Rainy Day Artistic Collective in their Twisted Digital Tales Festival December 2021.

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By Dana Hall 

Copycat highlights the complexity of female relationships and challenges the concept of artistic freedom.
Produced by: Virtual Community Theatre Dec 2021

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By Dana Hall

Synopsis:  No one likes rejection but there's something worse... being forgotten. A lifetime of feeling invisible leaves John contemplating if he matters.

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By Dana Hall 

Sometimes you fall in love twice, with the same person.
Produced by: Sand Lake Center For The Arts NYC Feb 2022

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Because I Said So
By Dana Hall

Paula- Female, mother of a 6-year-old boy.
Synopsis: Raising socially conscious kids is not easy especially in the climate we face today.

Running time: Under 2 minutes

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Boogie Man
By Dana Hall

A Halloween inspired short play. 
Synopsis: A first date to remember.
Performed by TinyTheatre Halloween Fest


Switchboard Soldiers
By Dana Hall

The story of Miss Grace Banker and the Signal Corps Female Telephone Operators Unit of WWI. 


Stay Tuned

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