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If interested in licensing a play or if you are looking for Dana Hall to write you an audition monologue or play for your theatre group, please reach out! 


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A photograph taken during the run of Underneath, Eclectic Theatre, Patchwork Festival 2022, Audience Favorite. Photography:  Lena Aubrey

Additional photographs taken during the run of Underneath, Eclectic Theatre, Patchwork Festival 2022, Audience Favorite. Photography:  Lena Aubrey


A photograph was taken during the run of All Grown Up, Eclectic Theatre, Patchwork Festival 2023. 
Photography: Lena Aubrey


A photograph was taken during rehearsal of No More Flowers, The Exit 2023. Directed by Tisha Sloan.
Pictured: Arnold Waddell and Monica Blacklock


me myself and moscato.png

A photograph taken during Me, Myself, & Moscato
Palos Village Players, Virtual Festival 2021. 
David Bell, Dana Hall, Heather Mall


Ahavah, by Dana Hall & David Lipschutz
TheatreWorks of Southern Indiana's first annual Humanity Festival of Ten Minute Plays 2023!, Gemco Players Australia, Take Ten Festival 2023.
Ahavah, Crafton Hills New Works Play Festival, 3rd place 2022. 
Smith & Kraus, The Best 10-Minute Plays 2023

The Reason For Dad Jokes by Dana Hall, The Tank NYC 2023


(Un)Drinkable, by Dana Hall, People's Choice Award Winner, Best of Playground finalist 2023

The Origin Of Zeke Wolf, by Dana Hall,  Playground Chicago finalist 2023


Small Town Assassin, by Dana Hall,  Westchester Civic Theatre 


Underneath, by Dana Hall,  Brewster Theatre Company


Chasing Cinderella, by Dana Hall, Powerstories FL, 2023


As the school year comes to an end; Amy is desperate to make some memories. Unfortunately, nothing exciting has happened until the principal goes missing! Can Amy organize a secret group of students to find out what happened to him before the bullies find out he’s gone!?

  • Cast Size: 1M 3B 3G (Gender Flexible)

  • Running Time: About an hour

  • Royalty Rate: $40 per Performance


As her husband serves in WWII, Hilda takes over the family business. Soon after returning home from war, Lyle’s health deteriorates. Some of the younger waitresses at the diner are suspicious of Hilda’s intentions with the men in town because of her magnanimous personality. After Hilda’s life is threatened, her brother-in-law wonders if Hilda is a victim or a black widow. 

  • Cast Size: 2M 5W

  • Running Time: 90+ minutes

  • Royalty Rate: $75 per performance



Unprovoked (10min) 
Performed by Orange Player Acting Up Festival 2022

View The Show

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Knock Over The Milk Bottles Win A Prize! (1min) 

Modern Classics Theatre Company Of Long Island, Gi60 Seconds, Performing Arts Center of Metrowest

View The Show

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Expert Panel Discussion

Confession Play Art .png

Open Door Playhouse, Podcast, 2023

Kind Of
By Dana Hall

MyKindOfChristmas (6).png

David has lost his enthusiasm for Christmas after his grown children moved out. However, the magic of the holiday season may have other plans for him. Will he be able to rediscover his love for the holidays, or will he remain lost in memories of Christmases past? You won't want to miss this holiday gift filled with seasonal music and festive twists.

5 Characters  3M/ 2F + *Carolers/Robbers
This show can accommodate a small to medium cast. 

Great full-length show for professional, community, and school productions!
Running time is approximately 120 minutes.

Licensing is available by contacting Dana Hall
Graphics included in licensing.  

Coming Christmas 2024 to Palos Village Players!

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