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About Me

I'm a Chicago-based actor, playwright, and voice actor with two decades of  experience in the industry.  I love projects that bring a voice to marginalized communities and elevate voices that need more representation. 

Height: 5"2

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black​

Location: Chicago, IL
Representation: PROMOTE TALENT

Dana Hall Headshot _edited.jpg

Dana Hall has been an actor for over two decades. She is also an accomplished and award-winning author, playwright, speaker, and mental health therapist.  Her Edgar Allen Poe adaptation, Under the Floorboards, took home Outstanding Theatrical Adaptation, Gee-Rated Intertainment, of 2022. She was a finalist with Morecambe Fringe John Clarke Memorial Prize for script-writing (Lucid). Her self performed/original monologue (Snowglobe) won the Femuscript Monologue Contest 2022. She was the Audience Choice Award winner (Underneath) Eclectic Theatre Patchwork Festival 2021. She was a Finalist Winner in the 2021 Hear Me Out Monologue Competition & Labor Day Festival. Away from the stage her best-selling children’s book Beyond Words, which focuses on inclusivity and kindness, won the Mother’s Choice Award in 2020. Her plays have been published with Heuer, Stage Plays, & Smith Scripts. New York Journal recognized her as one of their 50 under 50 most influential creators during the pandemic list 2022. She is a member of the Dramatists Guild, League of Professional Theatre Women, Honor Roll!, and International Centre for Female Playwrights.  Instagram: @DanaHallCreates

(For a list of her professional and clinical publications: Dana Hall Publications)

Her plays have been featured all over the nation at theatre houses such as:
Inkwell Theatre (CA), Drawing Cats Theatre (NYC), Palos Village Players (Chicago), Equity Theatre (NYC), Triangle Rainbow Theatre & Riante Theatre (NYC), The New Deal Deal Creative Arts Center (NY), Dramatic Question Theatre (DQT) (NYC), This Moment Productions (IL), Scripps Onstage (CA), Neo-Futurists (Chicago), The Tank (NYC), Shiny Unicorn Productions (MA), and 5 & Dime Theater (FL), Weathervane Playhouse (OH) Open Door Playhouse (LA), Gi60 (UK) to name a few.

Some recent high notes include:
* Her self-performed monologue, Sound Mind, being 2021 Hear Me Out Monologue Competition Finalist Winner (NY).
* She was accepted to the Women’s Theatre Festival (NC) summer/2021 and Powerstories Women’s Theatre Festival for her examination of social disparities with the piece, No Justice.
* Her show Unprovoked was featured as one of two PRIDE shows published by Barely Seen Editor 2021 and in the Q-Bits Radio Podcast. 
* Her original full-length virtual comedy The Tenant was featured in the Rogue Theater Festival (NYC) and Thornhill Theatre Space (PA).
* Stay Awhile was accepted to Prism's Festival of New Works (MO) and was performed LIVE. 
* She was also nominated Best Director at Triangle Rainbow Theatre’s LGBTQ play festival (NYC 2021) for her work on a show she also wrote called Sunny Side Up which was also nominated best play. 
* Her comedic monologue Plaque Kills is in Equity Theatre Library.
* What Happened To Tinker Bell? (Monologue) was selected to be performed LIVE at Paradox Theatre Works Festival (Chicago) along with Sound Mind (Monologue). 
* She is thrilled to have her first TYA piece Magic Memories produced by 23 Miles South Theater summer/2021.
*Sound Mind (monologue) is a 2021 Hear Me Out Monologue Competition Finalist Winner.
In addition, she has been published with Smith Scripts UK & Stage Plays.
*Sidewalk Psychic, Winner, 10-minute play festival Muskegon Community College MI 2022
* The Marble Toucan Lounge, Best Play Winner, Audience Choice Winner, Too Much Damn Theatre 2022

More about Dana: 
She is the co-founder and artistic director of This Moment Productions, a virtual theatre company with the mission to increase access and equity in the theatrical arts. She is a proud member of the Dramatist Guild of America, International Centre for Women Playwrights, and HonorRoll!

Some produced shows...

*No Justice WTFringe Festival 21 & Women’s Theatre Festival (NC), Powerstories Women’s Theatre Festival Oct 2021, Central Illinois 2021 Black Lives Black Words Festival
*The Tenant (full-length streaming comedy) This Moment Productions, Chicago Spring 2021,  Rogue Theatre Festival Summer (NYC) 2021, Published in Fleas On The Dog magazine, Thornhill Fringe Festival, The International Center For Women Playwrights (sep 2021)
*Me, Myself, & Moscato (10-15min streaming comedy) Drawing Cat Productions, (NYC) Winter 2021, Palos Village Players Virtual Showcase (IL) 2021, Shiny Unicorns Productions Summer/2021
*My Vagina Has A First Name Shiny Unicorns Productions Summer/2021

*Sunny Side Up (10-15min streaming comedy) Triangle Rainbow Theatre Festival Winter 2021
Equity Theatre Spring (NYC) 2021
*Stay Awhile (One-Act) Inkwell Theatre (CA), Palos Village Players (IL),  Prism Theatre Company (MO), Open-Door Playhouse (LA) 9/1/21, Two-Hander Slam Competition 10/21
*Unprovoked Barley Seen Editor (Online Publication) June 2021, Q Bits Radio Podcast Season 2 (2021)
*Magic Memories (Full-length TYA) 23 Miles South Theatre (Chicago) Aug 2021
*Plaque Kills New Deal Creative Arts Center (NY) & Equity Theater (NYC) & Short Attention Span Theater (Fl) & Neo-Futurists ‘100 cooks in the kitchen’ (Chicago) 9/21
*Sidewalk Psychic  Scripps Onstage Aug 2021
*Dandelion Dramatic Question Theatre (DQT) & Short Attention Span Theater (FL)
*Alone at the Automat (finalist) Jakespeare VTC

*My Vagina Has A First Name Shiny Unicorn Productions Sept 2021
*Sound Mind Paradox Theatre Festival Oct 2021 (IL), Recover-Me LA, &
Sound Mind named 2021 Hear Me Out Monologue Competition Finalist Winner
*What Happened To Tinker Bell? Paradox Theatre Festival Oct 2021(IL)
*Ghost In The Net  Hey Playwright Love-5: The Tennis Plays Festival Sept 2021

* Don’t Lose Your Head Flexible Gray Theatre (Dallas Tx Oct.2021), Davidson Community Players 5th annual boos and brews LIVE (NC)
* Just Breathe Recover Me (NYC & CA)
* BoogieMan Tiny_theatre! Halloween Hijinks festival (FL 2021)
* Under The Floorboards The Rude Mechanicals (in Washington State) (Oct 2021), Rainy Day Artistic Collective Dec 2021
* Joyride Gi60 UK International Play Festival Dec 2021
* Copycat Virtual Community Theatre Dec 2021
* Always Sand Lake Center For The Arts NYC Feb 2022 & The Cedar Springs Community Players March 2022
* Imaginary Friends Gi60 (Gone in 60 Seconds) International One Minute Theatre Festival in 2021, Jakespeare One-Minute Play Festival Feb 2022
*Underneath Eclectic Theatre Chicago March 2022
* The Marble Toucan Lounge, Too Much Damn Theatre

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