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Written & Directed By Dana Hall 

Magic Memories by Dana Hall is a hilarious play with a bit of mystery and a lot of laughs. Come join us for a play the whole family can enjoy!

Magic Memories

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Magic Memories features a group of 8th-grade students that have learned their principal is missing. The strange circumstances around his disappearance have brought them together to find out... What happened to Principal Feinberg?

Meet The Cast 

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Production Inquiries

Magic Memories is available for licensing. Professionals and amateurs are hereby informed that a royalty must be paid for every live, pre-recorded, virtual, or online performance, whether or not admission is charged. All inquiries regarding rights—including but not limited to amateur, professional, radio broadcast, internet, television, cable, motion picture, live streaming, public reading, and translation into a foreign language—should be addressed to Dana Hall at  
Magic Memories is available on the NPX as well as a copy can be found here on

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