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Dana Hall (she/her) is a playwright, actor, and mental health therapist.
She is a Lanford Wilson Finalist, and the Theater Association of NYS (TANYS) has awarded her Excellence in Playwriting. Her Edgar Allen Poe adaptation, Under the Floorboards, was named Outstanding Theatrical Adaptation, Gee-Rated Intertainment. She was a finalist with the Morecambe Fringe John Clarke Memorial Prize for scriptwriting. Her self-performed/original monologue (Snowglobe) won the Femuscript Monologue Contest. She was the Audience Choice Award winner (Underneath) Eclectic Theatre Patchwork Festival. A Finalist Winner in the Hear Me Out Monologue Competition & Labor Day Festival (Sound Mind). 

Away from the stage, her best-selling children’s book Beyond Words, which focuses on inclusivity and kindness, won the Mother’s Choice Award in 2020. Her plays have been published with Next Stage Press, Heuer, Stage Plays, & Smith Scripts. The New York Journal recognized her as one of their 50 under 50 most influential creators during the pandemic. She is in the Dramatists Guild Institute's Certificate of Dramatic Writing program. She is also a member of the Dramatists Guild, League of Professional Theatre Women, Honor Roll!, and International Centre for Female Playwrights.  Instagram: @DanaHallCreates

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